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Radiographs or “x-rays” are an important diagnostic tool. They are a quick and cost-effective way to see inside the body.

We can perform x-rays on your pet as part of a routine screening (often done to eliminate cancer as an underlying condition) or if they have been in an accident or are displaying signs of pain. Radiology is also very useful when diagnosing bladder stones and the ingestion of foreign material or objects.

Our x-ray technician will prepare your pet and take the necessary x-rays. Our preference is to always try to position pets gently to minimize stress and discomfort. Sometimes a mild sedative may be required to relax your pet, but we will always inform you that this is needed before administering it.

We have digital radiology capability to ensure the highest quality of radiographic images and maximum efficiency. These are available for immediate viewing.

All x-rays are reviewed by a board-certified veterinary radiologist to ensure accuracy.